The Instagram logo restyle as I see it

Among some updates to their site Instagram has just released an updated version of their logo. Looking at the new mark seems to me  that it’s in line with the current design trends mainly following what the current Apple’s iOS has established in terms of iconography.

When Instagram was launched I think their idea was to use a viewfinder camera as their icon to suggest the use and possibly the style of photography they intended for the audience to showcase. Much the same way vinyl records and turntables are used as visuals by DJ’s and producers to evoke that “old school” feeling in a time of digital streaming.

My question then is how much longer will Instagram continue with the viewfinder camera icon when it’s obvious that pretty much everyone posting to their site is using a phone-camera or a DSLR? In thinking about this, I quickly jumped to my Ilustrator and worked on a comp for the current Instagram icon as a phone-camera.

Instagram logo study-01

Conceptually i think the icon works well, i do however acknowledge that visually is too big of a jump for our beloved viewfinder camera icon to make.

Perhaps in a couple of more years!

A bright face for a dental office


Bright Dental is a network of dental offices in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The objective was to rebrand the group bringing all the individual offices under a common visual standard, integrating and standardizing several patient forms and communications to simplify management and operations.

Ethos Factory has developed several aspects of the new brand identity, here are some categories of the work we produced:

Corporate Identity
Logo; Stationery; Patient forms

Corporate communications
Promotional materials

Retail graphics
In-office signage; Posters


Gianni Bulgari’s Enigma Watches

An innovative luxury brand, the brainchild of legendary Italian jeweler Gianni Bulgari, Enigma represents today a rare example of Maison D’Art of genuinely despotic nature, in the tradition of extraordinary brands of the past which today appear transfigured as modern corporations.

At Enigma, Mr. Bulgari’s involvement is total and dictates the development of each component, whether it’s a watch case or a store display, to his exacting standards.

It has been my privilege to help Mr. Bulgari develop several aspects of the new brand identity.

Corporate Identity

Logo refinements; Sales materials; Product manuals; Identity and advertising guidelines manuals.


International Advertising strategy; Campaign development; Product photography.

Retail graphics

Window displays; Packaging; Retail graphics.


Bioimmunizer – Dietary Supplements

This identity study is for a Swiss-based dietary supplements company. During the development phase we narrowed the viable marks to three distinct marks, as it often happens the client choice didn’t coincide with our preference however here are both solutions. See which one is your favorite.

Briefing: To develop an identity that would convey the company’s scientific approach and solid research, also setting it apart from other competitors in the supplements segment which are often less sophisticated in their branding approach.

Objective: To create an identity that would be perceived as trustworthy as a pharmaceutical product from and established brand.

Creative line: Beaker

Creative line: Elements

This logo has such a wonderful potential when it comes to animation that I thought it would be fun to see it animated as a .GIF