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Image selection for Miami Hotel

Following up on Diamante’s request here is some artwork and photography that can be used in her latest project in Miami.

I have used this image for my renderings to give a sense of how the artwork could tie-in with the decor and also with the palette used in the room.


Please click on photo to view the gallery.

The photographs are from a series I have been working recently, my objective here is to create images that generate a purely emotional response from the viewer, to achieve this I decided to completely eliminate any detail leaving only the colors and the overall proportions as the guiding elements.

The palm trees image can be colored in different variations, which could also be used as multiples. Also the image is vector art and therefore can be scaled up to any desired size.

All the artwork presented here can be refined further for color calibration, size, and final print specs. It is also possible to for me to work on series of multiple images and on other renderings, in this case additional photographic reference of the spaces will be necessary.