Happy 2018 to Everyone!

1,2,3, Done!

The brief lifetime
of an online Illustration

This photo-realistic illustration took me around 30 hours to complete it at this stage of finish, I could go on further but 2018 is fast approaching, literally!

I know that images produced for online use have a shorter life-span than a soap bubble, but it’s my passion and so this reality doesn’t deter me.

Every year I am happy to use this occasion to showcase my design skills in one of my favorite design disciplines.

I have always found Photo-realistic illustrations fascinating, from American Pop Art, to comics, to Japanese Manga, the attention to detail and sharp lighting have always been for me a great source of inspiration.
I hope you like it!

See the gallery for an overview on how the image was created.

Geometric patterns

A personal study on simple geometric patterns, with different elements, colors, and transitions.

Click on the image to see more samples.