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Gianni Bulgari’s Enigma Watches

    An innovative luxury brand, the brainchild of legendary Italian jeweler Gianni Bulgari, Enigma represents today a rare example of Maison D’Art of genuinely despotic nature, in the tradition of extraordinary brands of the past which today appear transfigured as modern corporations.

    At Enigma, Mr. Bulgari’s involvement is total and dictates the development of each component, whether it’s a watch case or a store display, to his exacting standards.

    It has been my privilege to help Mr. Bulgari develop several aspects of the new brand identity.

    Advertising Management, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Print Production

    Materials Produced:

    Corporate Identity: Logo refinements; Sales materials; Product manuals; Identity and advertising guidelines manuals.
    Advertising: International Advertising strategy; Campaign development; Product photography.
    Retail Graphics: Window displays; Packaging; Point of sale materials.
    Large-format graphics: Headquarters branding campaign installation.

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