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Online Boutique Concept

    Two partners approached me with an ambitious idea, to develop a platform that would aggregate the entire collections from several exclusive online stores and make it available on a single site. To make the offer more compelling, users could assemble their own groups of products while browsing online, and if desired involve a real stylist help them refine it. Also the stylists would be available to create tailored collections for users, based on their preferences, needs, or engagements.

    The challenge was to understand how the process should work, and how to create a logical user-based flow that would be easily understood by a user. The idea of developing “Collections” could help organize and visualize products the user liked online and that were meant to go together. This idea solution also gave the stylists an opportunity to have a template to offer their solutions as well as other theme-based collections. This apparently easy operation required impressive computing abilities in the back-end as well as a solid site architecture to provide all the necessary functionalities.

    In the end my team developed the user interface, copy strategy, art direction, and all the graphic navigation elements . The site was produced with the help of two different programmers. This mock-up site and was used as a prototype to illustrate the overall concept and simulate the shopping experience to prospective investors.

    Please note that given the demonstrative nature of the site, most of the functionalities are mocked-up and only one collection (Looks to Promote) and one product (Split Bell-Sleeve Dress) simulate the complete purchase flow. Please also take a moment to advance through the homepage slider and read the copy which presents the site’s concept. If you read the copy throughout the site you will also appreciate the copy strategy which I also created.

    Project Management, UX/UI, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copy Strategy, Copywriting.



    Materials Produced:

    Corporate Identity: Logos; Stationery; Presentation materials.
    Corporate Communications: Custom e-commerce Website.

    Project Gallery: